How to use the Kefir's CapSense buttons

The Kéfir I board doesn't have physical buttons. It has four capacitive sensors instead. These sensors ara commercially known as CapSense (Cypress trademark).

Its use isn't as simple as a regular button, but it isn't much more complex than a good debounce circuit. Its advantage is the cost, they also allow to explore this technology.

This file is part of package that contains VHDL and Verilog examples showing how to use them. The package can be downloaded from here.

The author of these examples is Salvador E. Tropea. They were developed at the Centro de Micro y Nanoelectrónica, part of the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI).

The content of this package is distributed under the GPL v2.0 license or newer.

The examples are for Linux, but the tools are available for Windows, we accept contributions showing the Windows particular issues.

Inside this package you'll find: