How to configure Kéfir I using APIO-ide

  1. We execute atom and push the button for a new project:

  2. Now we choose Kéfir I in the dialog:

  3. In the same dialog we choose the apio-ide folder (from this example):

  4. We should get a dialog similar to the one depicted here, now we push the Initialize button:

  5. Now we can see our project, along with the apio configuration file (apio.ini) and the Verilog top-level included in our project:

  6. Now we need to define the FPGA pins used in our project. This can be done selecting the sub-menu Examples from the Apio menu:

  7. Now we select the kefir/pcb example:

  8. Apio build button:

  9. If all went ok we'll see the generated files in our project:

  10. Finally we push the Apio upload button: