How to configure the Kéfir I board using iCEcube2 + Diammond programmer (from an existing project file)

  1. Start iCEcube2, for example running /opt/iCEcube2.2016.02/iCEcube2, then choose Open project:

  2. Now select the Kefir_Capsense_sbt.project file, found inside the Kefir_Capsense folder (inside icecube2 folder):

  3. Select Run All from the Tool menu:

  4. The final result will look like this:

  5. To configure the FPGA we use another tool: Diammond Programmer. First connect the Kefir board to a USB port (well, Milk is the one connected), then start Diammond Programmer, for example running /usr/local/programmer/3.4/bin/lin/programmer.

    Note: we recommend running the application from the icecube2 working directory. If you don't know how to do it you'll need to adjust the bitstream path.

    Select the Open an existing programmer project option and choose the capsense.xcf file from the icecube2 folder:

    Note: the application will stop responding for some periods, will see the Milk's power LED blinking (not in versions 3.7 and newer)

  6. If you didn't run the programmer from the icecube2 folder you'll need to select the right .bin file. For this you must select the name shown under File Name.
    iCEcube2 generates the file inside the icecube2 folder, were we are working, but a little bit hidden: Kefir_Capsense_Implmnt/sbt/outputs/bitmap/Kefir_Capsense_bitmap.bin.

  7. Press the Program button (the one with the green arrow):

  8. If all went ok you'll get something like it: